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2001-12-03 01:10:42 (UTC)

My Mama Don't Dance

...and my Daddy sure as hell isn't gonna rock-n-roll. He's
sick as a dog at the moment. I had to run to the grocery
and pick up some meds and some 7up for him, then take it
all the way up to his apartment. He's being stupid at the
moment. He wouldn't let me go buy him another blanket when
he's freezing to death. If he dies, then I can't say I
didn't try to help the prideful bastard.

Today's Mojo's b-day; it's her sweet 16. It's odd,
each passing birthday always seems like any other day. If
I get a chance I'm baking her a cake tomorrow before or
after work.

My car was fixed a few days ago. Hurrah! I still owe
Dad $200. I was so tired of depending upon others for
over a month. S, Mum, Dad, L, N... Speaking of N, she and
I are becoming very close. That's great, considering we're
cousins and all. We've gone shopping a few times (nothing
like the rabid pursuit of shallow commercialism that bonds
two like-minded souls) and last night we were bored and
saw "Shallow Hal". It was an ok movie. Anyhoo, we were
trying to find a house that was advertised for rent in the
burg. We couldn't find it, even after an hour of looking.
We're not from Snootyburg anyway, we're humble daughters of
P-town and Redneckville. We'll find one someday. We both
need to leave our mothers' houses. It will be fun living
together. Think of the highjinks that could occur, what
with her boyfriend and his crazy buddies, heh. What's odd
is that some people think that she'll corrupt me and others
are afraid that I'll corrupt her.

I did something stupid the other day. I don't feel
like writing about it right now. Later.


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