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2001-12-03 00:43:42 (UTC)


Hate it! i mean... i'm leaving for Spain in 2 days from
tomorrow... and my mum started checking what i was taking
with me in my suitcase and she started checking out my
whole closet to see what would i take and she started
forcing me to take clothes i absolutely hate, like
sweatshirts and baggie pants! i mean... i do not want to
take with me things that look completely awful/nasty/you
name it on me!!!!!!!! urrrgggghhhh!
on the other hand, yesterday i chatted with Alejandro, it
was a really nice talk... now i know that he had green long
hair and a beard that almost reached his chest when he was
in college... he's a nice guy.
well, outta that nothing has really happened in my sad
life. on friday i went with Mireya and Elisa to watch Rat
Race, Mireya and I started laughing our guts out as we were
having a snickers blizzard coz something Elisa said...
ok... i have to leave now