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2001-12-03 00:29:40 (UTC)

my weekend........

Friday wasnt so bad at all. I was busy helping mom get
ready to go away for the weekend. I had to help her clean
up the durango, and we went early to feed the horses, and I
got her route ready for her when she got home. We also had
to stop at the store and make sure everything was set. I
cant remember everything that I did, but I was busy.

Saturday I was sick all day. Im not really sure why. I
didnt sleep good Friday night so Im sure that had some to
do with it. But I just didnt do much Saturday cuz I didnt
feel good.

Sunday (today) I woke up this morning with a migrain, so I
took some meds and helped Care for awhile. When mom got
home we took off for about 4 hours, we had a long talk. I
was happy that she had a good time while being away. Me
here all alone with Care all weekend. No wild parties,
they would kill me when they got home, besides Im not a big
partier anymore.

So other then beig sick my weekend wasnt too bad. I talked
to Andrew lots. I love talking to him. I just wish I was
talking to him now....

But I gotta go now...

Andrew I love you lots baby