Does My Breath Smell?
2001-12-03 00:19:44 (UTC)

Oh ho man

so itsl ike shitness man...this day was pretty boring if
you ask me...i'm gonna guide from midnight til now. lets
see, at 12 last night, i was still online talking to my
friends until like 2 in the morning. it was cool.
unfortunately, i had to go to sleep, cuz then at 9:30 i
went to church for like confirmation thingy or
whatever...anmd after i got home...i was online for
about....5 hours straight, then i got off for about an
hour. i watched terminator, and ate food. delicious. then i
got back online, talking to my friends and watching the
Prince of Egypt until now. very boring day, huh? this movie
is awesome....i tried another website for this diary was fucked this sucks....its so
awesome....ok and now...i may be eating soon...mmm cheese..
ok. bye bye you people. i shall talk later if i feel like