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2001-12-03 00:11:14 (UTC)


Ok..I know I've missed a couple of days..please forgive me
*smiles* I'll be a good Bunnie now. Nothing of great
interest in the last few days..spent Friday and Saturday at
Joey's parents house. Was mostly bored..but I got over it.
Though his mom was really nice and got me a comforter so I
wouldn't be cold and played with Kira..even didn't get
chicken cause it makes me ill now. And she gave me some
pregnant person clothes .
Joey and I went shopping for groceries and spent way too
much money..but we should be good on stuff for a long
I got a new barbell for my tongue too. I swallowed the
other one yesterday during lunch..not the whole thing..just
the top ball..so now I have one with a smiley face on it.
It's cool...my sister Biance will be jealous..she collects
smiley faces and wants a tongue piercing to boot..but she's
16 and mom won't let her.. ninner niner ninner.
Anyway...that's really about it..see ya later.

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