All in the Night
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2001-12-02 23:58:56 (UTC)

No Se

Wow, i guess today has been ok. After church today Amber
stopped by and had lunch with my parents and my aunt and
uncle and i. Then at like 1:45 i left and went to pick up
Laura (she went to the parade with me). So off to the
parade we went, it was actually pretty fun too. We sat
with Melissa's parents, and then since Melissa was like the
2nd group to go by she came and sat with us too. Hmm...I
have to say that after watching a video that Robin took of
the 3 of us, I looked pretty darn good today ;) So we
ended up getting pizza and going back to Mel's house. OMG,
China just had puppies two weeks ago and they are soooo
precious...we played with them for a while today...uhhh, i
just got home and i am sooo bored! OH did i mention that i
GOT ACCEPTED to Appalchian on Saturday??? Oh we went
midnight bowling too...that was really fun. Of course, i
dont think that anything can ever compare to our FIRST
borling trip. I think it was me, sarah, andrew, matt, and
Cj when we went to Rural Hall Lanes...all i remember is
that Cj was too poor and had to talk the woman into giving
him free shoes...everyone was in a bad mood yesterday...me
included. But oh well. Oh yeah Sarah, Aren't you proud of
me for not crying??? Well i'm out.

Somebody update your diary please!!!!!!