i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-02 23:56:48 (UTC)


today i woke up at 11:00am..i went downstairs..my dad didnt
get home yet from new jersey..so i went to get some food..
(yum)...then he came home at 12pm..then we went looking to
tag a xmas tree..we always get a really really big one..its
funny bc its always too big and then my dad has to cut like
2ft off the bottom..then we went to wal-mart to get my
sister some hair dye bc i really messed up her hair
yesterday by turning it orange...then we went to lowes...to
get some wood..(lol)...then we came home...liz made some
food...i dyed her hair..sat in my room..did you ever sit
there and think of all of the bad things that had happened
to you in your life or that make you mad and then start to
cry?..it sucks...bc everything comes out..and in the end
you kinda feel better...well sometimes you do..welp i hafta
go bc my dad needs the phone...BYE

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