2001-12-02 23:51:12 (UTC)


you are the seatbelt
i keep forgeting to wear
and recently it seems like
i dont even care
nothing can phase me.
and no one can reach me.
my daze has gotten thicker
and youre asking me why
why why
how can you wonder
when youre the one who gave me first shot
of reality.
the first scent of hummanity.
im sure that your nieveness
was fully thought through
and planned.
and that you never even think of it.
when you can.
and that you know
all of the bullshit.
was really just that.
and again im the big eyed dreamer in this scenario
and youre the pessimist bitch
with a line and a switch
and your requirements
are getting progressivly more difficult
for me to attempt.
so blindly and wide eyed
im driving around this situation.
making u turns and side swirves
beginnning to realize
youre comming undone again
and my lap is bare and the smoke fills the air
of so many i should haves
but i didnt.
and the road is swelling with tears
im trying so hard to steer
but the music is beating.
and my ears wont stop bleeding
from the repetitive lyrics
of songs id forgotten.
and they all seem to
go back to you