My diary
2001-12-02 23:50:53 (UTC)

Winter Formal

Like omg the winter formal dance was like hella fun!!! I
had so much fun, and Apollo took me and like 8 other people
out to dinner before we went to the dance, we ate at
Mongolian Bbq, it was good, its almost like Mongolian
Grill. So yeah after that we went to the dance, and had 2
wait 4 like a half an hour, but it was all good, Mr. Lee
(vice principal) let us in early. Apollo, me, Liz and Jacy
had our picture taken before we went to the dance floor,
and they didnt turn of the light, and it sucked becuase the
lights were on!!! but its all good, we still had LOADS of
fun!!! omg it was awesome and the best part was I DIDNT
even think of Emilio ONCE!!!! YAY, ok so anywayz it was
awesome and I hope that the pics come out really good!!! so
i can put one online Yay man! ok yeah ill write later