Tricey iz me!~!~!~~~
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2001-12-02 23:50:25 (UTC)

My future....what should i do

I dont know what i should do...I dont wanna be here at all
but i dont wanna hurt my mom when i plan on leave N in
june.I dont know what to do,My mom and I haz gotten really
close and that scarez me b/c im scared that might stop me
from doing what i really wanted to do.Richard is my life
regardlezz of what otherz may say or think!~!~!~!Some of my
friendz i think really hate to see me happy with someone
like him.Makez me think of who my true friendz are.I wanna
leave in june and thatz not sumthin im just gonna put to
the side.Now as far as how thingz might turn out......I
dont know.But i hope thingz turn out really good,I tell
peepz im stressin and sometimez itz funny b/c i dont think
they even know the meaning of stressing.One day someone
will understand....I will make them all understand.I just
hope i dont end up behind barz if i act upon it.But
anywayz...Richard iz someone i can give my life and my
friendz up for.So i think imma leave thiz hell hole behind
and live up to the future with him.