Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-03-31 19:04:24 (UTC)

God, I HATE poeple who take..

God, I HATE poeple who take credit for your GOOD idea!! AND
I HATE people who can't keep a secret!! Lately I have been
figuring out ALL of my so called "FRIENDS" are like that!
Not cool! I have like one person I can really trust
now...and it's NOT Andrea. I know I talked really good
about her in the past, but lately I haven't been so sure
about her...I mean she pretty much UP and LEFT our group,
apparently becuz' Kristy and Karen where too much for her
and she had OTHER people that atually CARED! Like we
DIDN'T?? I think NOT! Nor did either of them bad mouth her
like she thinks..or WANTS me to say. Sure Kristy has a
bitch problem..but she's really cool..I would stand up for
her more than I would stand up for Andrea or pretty much
anyone else BESIDES Karen, Clarissa or Leah! I am just now
getting it through my head that Andrea is so spoiled! She
like freaked when she was told that she couldn't stay up
past 10 pm on the internet! Um that's no big deal! I can't
stay up past 9 on the net! Sure Andrea is a good person but COME ON!
And then there is Amy Martinez! I told Andrea
about this diary so she could help me with the Wes thing
then she tells Amy and takes the credit! UGH! I USED to be
close friends with Amy but she has turned real gross
lately!! She went and wrote a diary and said that all these rumors
about her were lies and that she thought her friends would
know better...well she was kinda talking about me! The
funny thing is they WEREN'T lies! I heard straight from the
messenger that they were true. Plus I used to have this friend
Amanda Militona, but she became really close friends with Amy and I'm
not real sure what happened there! But anywasys when Amanda moved to
wherever she moved to my friends and I decided to buy her a balloon
and candy and I told Amy what we did so SHE went out and got Amanda
this freaking HUGE thing of ballons and a card and all kinds of other
CRAP! You don't know how cheap my friends and I felt after that! I
mean Amanda and the rest of our "group" where REALLY close and had
been good friends for quite awhile but then Amy comes in and tries to
out do us...god it makes me mad just thinking of it! Then Amanda came
back for a month before she left for Fl. or wherever and Amy get's
her a little green box thing and has people put suff in it and sign
it but when I walk up she like walks away and doesn't even let me
sign it...I mean it was like I didn't exist! Not cool! All these
people are thaking about how they thought they changed this past
summer but really i think half of them just put on a act and the real
them have finally started to come out! People insist that I have
changed over the summer, but really...I just stopped telling people
my feelings this year becuz' nobody cared in the first place...I
haven't changed... it's just nobody was listening last year!