The jerk files
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2001-12-02 23:27:03 (UTC)

Today is Sunday.

Well, today is Sunday. Wait, i just said that huh? ok
well it IS. I am writing to tell of several things. One...I
am full. I just had KFC and stuffed myself retarded. Two...
well MC is going along well and seems to be speeding up
every day. I have two reports due next wednesday. Both of
them are 10 pages. AAAAh. ok. Three, i had to talk to
Pastor Jim about something kinda important to me. Well, i
cant exactly explain now but in June's entries you can find
the answer there. All i know is this is been on my mind for
a couple of months and it feels good to get it off. Not
that i was doing something bad but just to let someone know
of what im going through. I mean...MAN i cant talk about it
now. Some people know what it is but thats about it. OK
what else. Prom is BEFORE MC graduation....that BITES! man
i hope they can change the date. Ahh let me write about my
little buddies...the Avalos Bros. They are all very cute
and cool. I really want to get close to them after masters.
They are very well behaved kids. What else. Umm i dont
wanna quit masters yet. Consuming Fire is almost over then,
this...will be legal. BWAHAHAHA!!! Ok i leave you with a
little thought.... "If everyone on this earth was created
for someone else,..what about the monks?"

Peace and im out for the one double nine eight.