2001-12-02 23:00:23 (UTC)


Why am I stuck in this wretched pothole?
That traps me within my soul
I’m a prisoner of my own mind
My sanity wears thinner with time
I don’t know how to stop this ache
This horrendous pain of a heart that breaks
It all seems too much to bear
I feel like screaming out somewhere
Betrayal never looked so bleak
Then again, I never knew I was this weak
My defenses have all been torn up, burnt down
All that’s left is this helpless frown
I want to get up and fight this pain
To push myself and rid these chains
But too strongly have I been bound
I doubt if I can just stay sound
My mind is no longer mine to think
Probably I’ve now at the very brink
Never have I been so shook to the core
Insanity never looked so real before
Why do I allow myself to be rattled so?
Why can’t I handle this, d’ya know?
My body feels like a gilded cage
That imprisons me and my burning rage
My heart has turned from friend to foe
My mind, a tormentor that chides me so
Everywhere I turn, I see bars and chains
I’m going crazy, going insane
Please, oh God, please end this bout
Please lead me to some way out
I’ve nowhere to turn, no place to hide
I’ve to leave it all to Destiny to decide
Whatever it is Fate has in store for me
I guess I’d just have to wait and see
For now, this pain just throbs on and on
From dawn to dusk, then dusk til dawn…