Same Drug
2001-12-02 22:46:20 (UTC)

another sunday

stayed at skippys last nite, alkaline trio was amazing. i
surfed a few times (not surfed in ages) and oh guess wot
else i got everything sorted with and and we are back
2getha. (i wasnt really easy on him either) anyway im so
good friends with skippy, shes so kewl. 2day i went to see
dec and cait sing in a chior! ciat is soo sweet i wish she
was my wee sis coz shes soo kewl too. mine isnt! anyway it
was really funny. stacy was quite huffy with me in not sure
why, think shes jelous coz me and skips are better friends
than me an her or skippy and her.

oh well thats her problem! we'll see wot hap'ns with all my
relationships. i never kno where i stand with anyone! Wish
i could read minds....