It smells like poop over here
2001-12-02 22:38:04 (UTC)

i hate that bitch

yeah, so andrea hodgman, my bitch of an ex is try to set me
up with like 50 girls. but she's all like "your the worst
person i've ever known" "i regret going out with you for
that long" n shit. that's what she said yesterday. she can
suck my left nut! actually, no she can't! my left nut is
too good for that whacked-assed, crazy, bitch, slut-ho. i
feel a little better now after saying that. i was being all
polite, and she just like, erupted on me. i used to just
not want her anymore, but now it's like i hate her. better
for me anyway, cause earlier, i was hanging out with marta
and nora, who are two incredibly hot sisters. i want marta
really bad, but she has a bf. but im thinking she kinda
likes me too, or she just flirts a lot. her sister was only
15, but still pretty hot. both are lookers. marta broke up
with her ex, dave, on wednesday, and she's been with
someguy named mike since thursday, but she wanted to enjoy
being single for a while. i was hoping she'd dump the other
mike, we could chill for a while over the next few weeks,
then we could hook up. that'd be tight.
as for andrea...FUCK HER! all that shit i said before is
no longer. me and her gettin together in the future, kids n
shit...all gone. she's been replaced in my mind, with a
faceless woman. but my future woman i can see is a lot
better looking in my mind. oh yeah, that bitch slut is on
offical bf #3. im thinking "whoooooore!" ahhahahaha. later

mike "i rule the fuckin world" ???????