Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-02 22:33:35 (UTC)

What a Life

Oh my! Isn't life great! Things used to be sooo bad I like
literally thought of killing myself~the only reason I
didn't was cuz of heath and i didn't wanna spend eternity
in Hell...but then I went to ICTC and realized how great
that God really is and that I should try all I can to serve
him and be a witness, and I'm doing pretty good so far. And
then, things with the family started getting better, and
then the biggest thing! I found Zack! And I know I thought
that I was making him out to be my perfect guy, but I found
out that I wasn't making it up, he is really like that!
He's sooo perfect for me, he's all I want, I wouldn't care
if I never had anyone else in my life tell me they wanna
date me as long as I have him. See what can happen when you
just have faith in God and believe that he will take care
of you and be there for you? I'm trying to get some of my
friends to believe that now, and I hope that if anyone
reads this that it makes them pu their faith in Him too. I
know that I might have done a few things wrong...well a lot
more than a few....but ya I'm done with all that now and I
just really want to be able to have Zack forever! And to
Jewlz~babe, I know you think things suck right now, but
trust me I have been there more than a few times, and it
will get better, a whole lot better! You have to believe
me! I love you!

Luv ya all!