My dull life
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2001-12-02 22:16:19 (UTC)

Women are a pain in the ass

Jess is ignoring me now, I haven't gotten anything back,
and I know she checks her email many times every day.

Last night I had a cool dream, one of my classic screwed-up
ones and on friday I had two dreams about Sam, one good and
one bad.

Today I had a lot of homework to do, I got my math work
done but I've gotten no where on my history. I have to work
on my essay about Marx and Communism and have a rough
outline thing done for tomorrow. I doubt that I'll get it

I think Sam lied to me about what she did or did not do
with Todd last weekend, She claims nothing happened,
popular opinion says that he must've fucked her and by
paying attention to her conversations I think she at least
gave him head. *sigh*

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