I have my moments...
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2001-12-03 03:36:49 (UTC)

hola again. my depressing life..

hola again. my depressing life still sucks. nothing new to
report ecept i had a good time(for once) at the battle of
the bands thingie last night. got to see my friends and
stuff. now that it is sunday i have nothing to do again. i
guess ima going to a mission study thingie but whatever.
talking to one of my friends and she's cool. saw one of my
friends cheatin on her boyfriend last night but that's the
person she is. stuff rocks. ::plainly::....we've been
invaded. my friend tells me that all the time when she
hears whirring in the background. i find it funny though
you may not because u people who don't find it funny are
stupid assholes so laugh at it now even though you don't
find it funny!!! geezers...just be happy and i can be in my
own world of sadness....dudes im like bored so ima