wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
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2001-12-03 03:17:22 (UTC)

Sunshine on My Windows Makes Me Happy

Aloha! What's new? Yeah, I've been working all weekend, to
make some money to buy some Christmas presents. I've also
been working on my projects to get them out of the way
before Christmas Vacation. And, oh yeah, rehearsin' for a
play I'm in. I have a cold, I think. It's getting better.
Went shopping yesterday, bought stuff I didn't really need.
Then, I watched Lady and The Tramp with my sister last
night :) I'm in a good mood lately, I wonder why :) Oh
yeah, cause Semi's this Friday, and I'm sooo excited. I'm
gonna be gorgeous :)
Anyways, goin' to redesign my site, catch ya later. TTFN