What's up now?
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2001-12-03 02:36:46 (UTC)


So its Sunday....I think....Friday I didnt do much...I
probably wrote about it before so I wont bore you, I worked
that night/morning whatever(3-5)...then Saturday I slept
in, did a little homework, then Rachel erin and I had
dinner, came back here and decided what room I'll have next
year, hung out some, and then I worked again from 7:45-
12:15...Then Rachel and I went out...ahh that was a good
time....we drank a little(only enough to be hyper as hell)
then went to find this party but we never made it there,
decided not to go to Beta Theta Pi because Rachel didnt
want to see Nick, so we ran around campus like silly giggly was very fun!!! then I went to bed at like 2ish
and then got up for another exciting day of work, 645-9 and
11-1...with breakfast in between with erin :) so after 4
1/2 hrs of sleep and 3 cups of coffee I'm trying hard to do
homework, its actually pretty easy to concentrate, except
for the fact that my eyes are having a litle trouble
focusing and my hands are a bit shaky...other than that I'm
good...except Rachel is having fun telling everyone we are
in a if!!! WE DONT DO THAT!!! hehehe :) I
love you baby!!! Alright Back to work...1 week until
finals :) I may become a hermit, or a library
lover...we'll see :)