Venting about Love & Life
2001-12-03 01:38:24 (UTC)

Real World Try-Outs

Yesterday, my roommate and I attended the MTV Real
World/Road Rules open casting call in Hollywood. It began
at 10am but by the time we arrived at around 9:20am, we
were already the 99th and 100th people in line. The line
moved pretty slowly but not agonizingly slow. In line, we
filled out applications and attached our head shots to
them. The two casting directors interviewed us in groups
of about 10 or so people inside the restaurant where it
was held.

Two people attempted to dominate the conversation but only
one of them was interesting or said anything significant.
The other few people seemed desperate to get their words
out. I sensed that everyone was putting up a front to
appear more interesting than they really were. IMO,
sometimes you shouldn't say anything unless it really
matters. I hope the casting directors realized this too.

Real World esp seems to have a lot of cliches such as "the
ghetto one", the "sheltered one", the "typical white
girl", the "jock", etc. I have no idea what they were
looking for in the show but I hope they don't pick people
that just seem "marketable" or that appear to have deep
seeded issues. That won't necessarily make for a better
show. Sometimes it's the quiet ones that matter. I was
more nervous than I should have been. Now I wish I had
said more but I was waiting for them to ask the questions.
Some people interrupted others when the directors
specifically told us not to.

I feel that I had more flava than most girls there. It
would be sad if they picked someone that was obviously
stereotypical. For example, the skinny white girls in
front of us had nothing going for them based on their
conversation other than the fact that they thought they
were cute because they were skinny. This Real World will
be held in Las Vegas, my favorite city in the world. Only
time will tell what happens. I have no expectations for
getting chosen as there were 45,000 applicants nationwide.
BUT if by some prayer of a chance, it does happen that
they choose me, that will make my year.

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