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2001-12-03 01:36:19 (UTC)

Sunday Boredness...

I have nothing to do today. My step-mom is sleeping all
day, so I can't really go anywhere. Dani is at the next
big thing all day. I wish I had a real skateboard, rather
than my crappy one, then I would probably be boarding and
that would be fun for me. God it sucks to have friends
that have busier lives than you.
Well...yesterday Emily and I cleaned her house and got her
mom a christmas tree for a suprise early gift, actually
sean payed for it, but Emily and I did everything else.
Annette was so suprised and she loved it, then I had to go
home before I got in trouble. When I got home I watched
Osmosis Jones with Dani on our new big screen tv. That
movie is really disgusting. After we watched that, we went
to go see Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta. That is
a really good movie, but it makes you want to really jump
into the movie and kick some ass. I will write again
later. ~bye~