Dan's Busy Life
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2001-12-03 01:08:39 (UTC)

Scariest thing eva in my life!

Yo punk!

Yo today was 12/1.The first day of december!I hadda go to
tim's party.Bobby came ova at like 12:30 before we went to
Tim's house. We were playin Grand Theft Auto3 for like 1hr
and 30min. It was boring as hell. I went to Tim's Party at
like 2:30. When we got there we were all playing football.
Everyone was getting drilled hard.I kept drillin tim hard
to the ground but he kept gettin bak up. F*kin Midget!!
hehe.I brought my ps2 with and thats all bobby did the
whole time. Hes such a fag anymore.None likes him and hes
got a huge ego and an attitude problem.Dunno why he got
invited.Later that night we played manhunt and ate
pizza.After we ate pizza we split up in groups to do sum
ring and run.Groups were
otha kid....Our first house was funny.We rang the door and
I hid behind the car like right across from his house.Alex
hid in the dumpster area and tim was in the middle of the
street.This guy came out and stood there for couple
minutes.So tim started to shout f*ckin fat a$$,Grow a
Dick,Come out and get us!Then hes like say that to my face
and he started to walk down and we jet outta that area.He
started to chace us but he lost us after we hoped a
fence.Then we went to this other court.This was the
scariest thing ever that ever happened to us.Tim rang on
the door.. (right before we screamed tim theres no hiding
spots)it was to late though!Alex and I were runnin after he
rang and we ran into each other...We hurt each other
bad..He only had time to go into the dumpter area and I was
two cars from there house.Tim was like 5 cars on the other
side.This lady came out saying 'Hello whos there, whos
there'' then her b/f or husbond came out.Saying like ''I
did this when i was a kid,Just come out,i wont do
anything''I prolly know u,I know where u kids live,i know
ur still out there'' He saw tims feet and he said where he
was behind the car.I called the cops and i paniaced so i
just ran thinking hed chace me and i hopped over the fense
(he was pissed).He went inside and tim and alex jetted
away.They were away from him.All of a sudden they were
catching there breath and they saw him with a belt and
something on it running after them.They jetted.He chased
after tim but after he hopped a fense.IHe saw me jogging
back to help them and said run run!Hes chasin us! I went
bak and helped tim..he was tired and i saw the dude chasing
him.So i got him to run faster.Alex and tim split up when
they saw him runnin up.We ran around tim's bak door
inside.Then all of a sudden we heard alex run in.Then we
heard another knock.They kept knocking and we didnt anwser
the door.We thought it was him,we were fuckin scared...He
kept knocking and then mr meleno anwsered the door and it
was just one group of kids. then they knocked on the
bakdoor and we thought it was him so tim/alex/me ran up
front.It was just paul.Then we just sat down watching shrek
with no room to sleep.We all fell asleep around 3-4.woke up
at 7.

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