2001-03-31 16:48:07 (UTC)

earth people i do not..

earth people i do not understand why we love to sulk and
kill and mourn. why is happiness something we see as
impossible. it is no longer a goal because we feel that
it's better to be realistic. happiness is realistic. it is
in your face but because you are scared of happiness you
let it go and you find every excuse to make yourself feel
bad. o why o why o why do i never notice that all my
happiness is when i am talking and writing and learning and
feeling and when i let out that happiness i just happen to
decide that if you are sad i am as well. o let thy light
shine upon me. i need so life in me. no more zombie days.
no more slave drivin'. no more no more no more. why can't
we all just frolic in the grass and wander to new heights.
forget about the "man" who wants to oppress us. let us rule
our world and gain our indiviudality. let us not conform to
the people we hoped we would never be and let us not worry
about what others thinked. o how i wish i could believe
myself for i am talking nonsense and really when i wake up
from the dream here i will go back to my zombie life and be
my same lifeless self.