Someone, Somewhere
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2001-12-03 00:46:49 (UTC)

And then...

Here I am. Sitting at home on a boring SUnday afternoon the
day after a boring Saturday night. And this also happens to
be my first entry in this digital diary thing of sorts...
I've been confused latly. Someone once said that change is
good but people never change. I want to choke whoever said
that and take credit for it. Dating someone younger is the
way to go now that I think of it. And I like it. I get the
respect I demand. And I REALLY like that. He knows how to
treat a grrrl right and doesnt expect much. Its a good
thing, too.
My friends are beginning to confuse the piss and shit outta
me. Changing, learning, and becoming new people. I hate it!
I dont like change. Stupid fricking David Bowie even sang
that one song about change i.e Changes. Thats how much I
hate it. Its bad no madder what cos' something is bound to
be fucked up in the end.
Rock On,
Song of the day:
"In The Flesh?"-Pink Floyd

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