2001-12-03 00:08:32 (UTC)

"taste"-lorna vallings

i had a diary @ mydiary.com but my "best friend" had one
there as well and i did not want her to find me. is that
bad. i guess i've done some shady things in my life but
what she is doing is awful. there is a guy whom i dared for
3 years. we split a few times adn i've not always been the
best gf but now she wants him. she wants to entice him to
be w. here, not w. me. HER! is it not enough that she slept
w. my boyfriend when i was in high school, she has to do
this also? ugh. but again, i have done shady things so who
am i to attack her? but i hav never done shdy things to
her, i hae hurt her feelings but i needed a break and being
mean to her ws the only way to get one. i guess she wanted
to be in love w. me in h.s and i did not even know. she
swears i used her for shock. no, she used me snd i accepted
b.c i am a sexual person. gawd this sounds horrid as i read
it but things always seem worse when you only have one side
of the story.