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2001-12-02 23:47:02 (UTC)

i hate people

wow, i feel a lot better since i wrote that entry this
morning..i'm in a pretty good mood and stuff, i guess i
just needed to write it down or whatever..anyway i figured
out something about eric, basically he dones't care and
never did, maybe when we were first friends 3 years ago,
but not when we were going out and certainly not as a
friend now, took me fucking long enough to figure it
out......but i did, and this is me giving the fuck up for
good, because i wasted my time trying to be friends with
him all this time. i should've known that he didn't really
give a shit, that he was just pretending , god knows why. i
even asked him that once, i told him i knew he didn't care
so why the fuck didn't he just tell me instead of
pretending when i knew he didn't, he just made up some lame
excuse and said i was being silly...well i'm done with that
bullshit now. i don't hate him, ya know? i'm not angry..i
just feel stupid and i don't understand why he couldn't
just tell me he doesn't care, why he spent so much time
trying to convince me that he did...i wonder what puporse i
served...oh well now that i'm done with that..hehe. i'm off
to work, it should be fun today coo people are working. oh
i forgot! yesterday two men got in a fight in my line. it
was really funny. one guy said something cocky, then the
other guy took his cart and hit him with it, then the other
guy said" did you just hit me with your cart" then he was
like "no" hehe, then one guy calmed down and said "look i'm
not trying to fight, i'm calm i'm not yelling but could you
please move" and then the managers came up and the other
guy started yelling and saying shit about me and my bagger
and the other guy...then later all the managers kept asking
me if i was ok, saying the guy had no right to say that
stuff and whatnot..hehe. i didn't know what to do, i just
stood there trying not to laugh, ringing up
groceries...then i was a little shook up cuz i thought the
guys were gonna fight..but oh well that was the most
exciting thing that has ever happend at work and i just
wanted to share it. :)

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