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2001-03-31 16:30:47 (UTC)

I just had the weirdest night..

I just had the weirdest night of my entire life. Maybe it
wasn't the weirdest but it is definitely in the top ten.
It began by going out with K and L. It was snowing likea
mother fucker here adn I was scared the whole way that we
were going to go off the road adn die. We were supposed to
be following Lauren but she was going really fast and she
was way ahead of K and I. K was going like 15 the whole
way. Suddenly the friggen snow from the roof falls onto
the window and we can't see ANYTHING. I have to unbuckle
and sit on the window as it is hailing wicked hard to brush
the snow off and make the window wipers work again. We
finally get to Evan's without dying and the bitch looser
cruiser gets stuck in Evan's driveway and it takes us an
hour to dig it out. Finally we get inside and we started
drinking. I got really hammered and acting gay and was
annoyed by everything. Scarily I like this guy that was
there that is TOTALLY unavailable. I would never do that
to Lauren but it is so annoyign when you know that you
shouldn't liek this guy for more reason's then like fifty
and you still do. It makes you feel so out of control and
pissed off. I wake up this morning with highlighter all
over myself. I was trying to glow in the black light. I
am such a poor bastard...lol. Anyway, I'm going to try to
sleep. I only got a few hours last night. Um, Dark
Princess if you read this, you are a lot younger then I
thought but it's all good. I look forward to hearing from

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