Savage Garden
2001-12-02 15:33:30 (UTC)

A smile a day helps the pain go away.

I logged on and I recieved a message, a rather LONG message
from a friend.

I honestly thought he didn'tread this anymore. On account of
me being a bitch and all.

But he does.

It made me smile that after all I've done to him, he cares.

I had an ok day yesterday.

I went to the park with my book and just read for hours.

It's been gorgeous here the last few days. The suns been
shining and it has been so oddly warm.

I don't think anyone ehre is used to it being so warm in
december. Were all used to snow by this time of year, or at
least wearing two layers of clothes becuase it's so cold.

It felt good to sit down and relax and read.

Mike spotted me just a little after I finished my book. I
didn't tell anyone where I was going. Except Magda who I
wanted to go with me, but having sex was something she
needed. I told her NOT to ever answer the phone while she
was in the middle know, ever again. *coughs*

She'scary that way. She's got caller id, so when she heard
me calling from my room she answered it with a full fledged
moan. I was so caught off guard I screamed.

It was funny!

But very disturbing at the same time. Seems her and Paul are
getting their communication roblem fixed. After years!


Oh oh!

Last night I saw a picture of my online friend who I really
love dearly, named Val.

Oh my god is she hot!


I wish I had her intelligence and her beauty.

Fuck man, she's like queen!

Trish has a hot boss.

*is jealous*

All I need now is pic's of Trish and Li.

I have a pic of MY Gem and Meph.

Two other major hotties I must say from my KINKY side.


Ok so I have to go now.

Talk more later,