DayDream Believer
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2001-12-02 12:19:29 (UTC)

Second of December

Yesterday all my plans got broken when Tom and Amy`s
grandfather got in the hospital.
Ally didnt wanted to go out then, so she and Arnt stayd
home and I diddnt baby sit.
I had allready took today off so I could be home with the
children, to bad.
When I got home I was relly sad and depressed agen, so I`d
took my dog for a walk for about three hours, then I got
better. But I cant keep going for this long walkes
everytime things gets wrong.
Why do I get so upset when things dont go exactly as I
Matt called me tonight, I dont remeber much of the
conversation cause I was sleeping when he called, he was at
The Mucsic Club and missed me there.
Its my faborite place to go out, I was thinking about going
there since the babysitting was cannceld, and I could sleep
as long as I wanted today, but I diddnt.
I talked to S* yesterday on the internet, he disapead
whitout saying goodbye, thats a kind of thing that makes me
upset. Its rude to walk away from your computer without
telling the one you`re talking with!!
Our days is over, I know that.
Bact in February that would never happend, yhen we would
have been saying good bye and Im gonna miss you, cant you
stay for five minutes more like a million times to each
other. He even got late for a Crag David concert so he
could talk to me, sweet.
So now I have to get over him and all the hopes and dreams
I had for us, he is probobly doing the same, or did it some
time ago.
I cant stop thinking of Chris as well, I dont want to, its
wrong Im only gonna end up hurt.