Borrowed Light
2001-12-02 10:39:32 (UTC)

jeremiah 4:30

hmm well camp was... its complicated, it was good yet bad.
ill post a big entry all about it tomorrow when i can be

its sunday now and i had a nice day. well the first half
anyways. i went to see "the man who sued god" which is
quite funny, but lacking in the plot area and really
insults your intelligence. just what i needed today!

all i can be bothered saying right now is im in a mood... i
should probably write this entry now in order to have the
emotional edge i like but in these moods i can barely be
bothered... ill explain tomorrow, basically im down and in
need if corey who i dont see enough these days.


jeremiah 4:30- i got this verse during church tonight and i quite
like it

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