The Basement
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2001-12-02 08:39:28 (UTC)

Cold Winter Nights...

I wish J ish here.
It would be nyce ta have someone to talk to and hold in
dis type of weather. Its so cold... It was snowing all
yesterday.I just wanna snuggle up wit J and just hold her
tyte.I spend all day today thinkin 'bout her. We hadta go
to a friends house for dinner, den go to another friends
house for coffee and stuff. Da teenagers where all
downstairs in da basement watching anime hentai and
uhhh....bondage porno or something... ewwwwwwyy
I mean, wats da point of watchin pointless sex for a few
hours? deres no point to it. Its sick, its weird, and it
takes up way too much tyme ta hide it when a parent comes
down to check up on ppl. :P
Da parent and da smaller kidz were upstairz playin cards
and chattin. I was da only on sitting outside in da middle
of a rainstorm.It was too stuffy and boring inside.
Besides, I lyke da rain. Da wind calms me down and da rain
makes me relax. I just sat dere on da doorstep for about
half an hour to an hour thinkin and wishing J was here wit
me.I couldn't go on da net until now....*sigh* I miss
her... about a few minutes since I went outside, dis kid,
dun kno her name, kame outside too for a smoke. She told
meh I missed a very good porno part...I must've looked lyke
I was about to puke becuz she started laughin her ass off.
yea we started talkin abit. She waz okay. Sorta on da
perverted side but okay. She told meh about her first kiss.
She had been waiting for dis guy she really lyked but it
just never happened.She waited for about 3 years since
getting out of Middle skool. Den she got her first kiss at
a party while drunk.... I hope I dun end up lyke dat... I
want my first kiss to be with someone I love and being
totally somber at dat moment. I want dat person to be J.
Mah friends sorta make fun of me 'bout dat.Virgo da Virgin.
Haha itz not mah fault I'm a virgo. I guess it dun really
suit mah outside personality very well. Here I am, an azn
dubbed thug wit a group of thug friends hangin out in a
pretty racist skool living off of tyte ass carz and those
stuff. You would tihnk dat everyone in mah azn krew have
already gotten laid or something. But its not lyke dat.
Everyone already gotten dere first kiss sayin its no big
deal. Lolz.I tihnk it is. I want every loving contact to be
wit someone special not just anyone at a game of spin da
bottle. Hahaha now I sound childish huh? Yea I guess I am.
Oh well. Its just da real me.
Its already 12:36?!
Damn...I need ta get some shut eye... we hafta go to a
jewelry show wit mah mom I'm gonna
try and stay home so I kan maybe call her. I havent talked
to her on da phone for a while and I really miss hearing
her voice.I luv her voice.I luv practically everythin about
her.She is perfect to meh. I dun care if anybody think
otherwise becuz being absolutely perfect is one of da worst
tihngs dat kan happen. To me J ish perfect becuz she is
herself.Gonna go ta sleep now. gnytez. baibai *yawn*