Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-03-31 14:59:21 (UTC)

Hello, sorry I haven t written..

Hello, sorry I haven't written in awhile, I've just been
way too busy!! :) Guess What?? I'm dating todd!! I'm sooo
happy! :) Lauren and Gina asked him out for me and he said
yes!! I haven't talked to Mitch about, he's probably mad,
but he needs to learn that he can't take his time, I'll
move on. Only one problem though: broken arm (todd) I don't
know what we can do other that go to the movies!! Okay, We
can't go skating, to putt putt, go-karts, bowling.... I'm
sort of mad, because movies are expensive and get dull
after awhile, you know?? If you seriously have any ideas of
places we could go, please e-mail me. Thanks! well, I've
gotta run!! -Ashley Renee