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2001-12-02 07:26:37 (UTC)

But Now Youve got some company...

"The horsemen are drawing nearer, on leather steeds they
ride, they've come to take your life, on through the dead
of night, we the four horsemen ride, OR CHOOSE YOUR FATE

Today was the first day of actual rest ive gotten in a
while. I slept a whole at hrs. I got up laid back and
chilld for a while. I then got a pleasnt suprise, a call
from her. "16 more days!" she said. Each day is like pain
without her in my life. I want to hug her and love her and
fell the same back. I miss that felling oh so much. Another
friend is going through soem truobles and I am sick to
death of them CRYING about them all day every day. it is
very saddening/annoying. I do not want her to be sad, but
she doesnt want to listen to logic, so I jsut want to let
her go. But I cant becuase shes fragile and it may be VERY
bad if I do. That emotional baggage is too much for me to