LayD Haze

LayD Haze
2001-12-02 07:08:16 (UTC)


wow!!! i finally did it. i conquered one of my fears!!!! = )
i finally started bustin out in cyphers..just randomly for
fun..no1 forcing me at all..OMG..and dis time i wasn't as
scared! and i actually just didn't care who was around..i
just wanted to do my own thang even if it looked wack. U
know? was just doin it for have fun and just
have fun! lolz..ionno..but im really siked cuz i feel so
enlightened! like...i just wanna be bombarded with as much
breakin as i can so that i can take it all in and learn. im
actually willing to go thu da shit work to get to where i
wanna be at. like xenoe said "you gotta be wack before you
get good"...hee hee..lil bit of inspiration = ) omg..i owe
bboy whitelight aka chung, drew, and baby fatty mad love
and respects! im glad dat he believed in me! ahhh okie
wellz im dead beat and im bout to pass out...lolz..

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