as the Oval turns
2001-12-02 07:01:31 (UTC)

The Adventures of me and my VW

Song of the However: John Mellencamp "Peaceful World"

My car is becoming a pain in the rotund...

Cost-benefit analysis besides gas money and parking pass:

Impound: $114
Towage and Tire Replacement: $118
Dead Battery (today): $123 (I know that was overpriced)

Trip to Delaware (Ohio) for a conference
Shopping Mall @ Easton
Outings w/the Buds
Stress Reliever (when my ride behaves)

This car has costed me over $350...and see, it sucks b/c
I'm a po' college student, so I'm not made of money...if I
didn't have a car, that would be $350 I could've paid off
my credit card bills with or bought clothes with or saved
or something like that. I'm mad at this : Grrr. But
this last episode was kind of my fault, b/c I was stupid
and left on my headlights over Thanksgiving break and
didn't even bother to look at my car until yesterday.

I saw Pacey yesterday...we both volunteered to give cookies
to international students, and we ended up being paired up
together. So we were assigned to the dorm I lived in last
year, and it was interesting. I think that doing stuff
with him is always interesting. He cracked me up as well,
especially about how much I'm crazy about my ride (this was
before the latest episode). Yes, believe it or not, Pacey
has a sense of humor, although he is more of the serious
type. That's fine with me, which is what I was saying to
Jenna yesterday. I like more serious, mature men (although
I'm not totally convinced of Pacey's maturity). My only
issue with him is that I wonder if he sees me as a person
or as a piece of meat...but slowly yet surely, he's
convincing me that he sees Jaye rather than just what Jaye
looks like.

But slightly off the subject, I sorta wish he would spell
my name right. Well, not my name, but the shortened
version of my real first name. No matter what...he sees my
papers, my room door, my emails, my journal last year, but
he still spells it wrong. Dork. It reminds me of how he
didn't tell us until last year that we pronounced his last
name wrong. He's of German descent, and his last name
isn't difficult, but here in America, we tend to pronounce
it differently than the Germans do, I guess. But that was

I'm tired...gotta get up and go to church in the morning,
and praise God :)...although praising the Lord is good to
do every day. I really need to get back into my quiet
times...I've felt kind of dry lately, with finals and all,
and I haven't been diligent in my convos with the Lord. So
maybe I'll talk with Jesus first, then I'll go to bed.