Behind the Smile
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2001-12-02 06:56:55 (UTC)

Door to my mind...

You can't ever really know what is going on in someone's
mind. It's always been an interest of mine to be able to do
that. To look without the recourse of one's ego, or
defenses into the recess' of anothers mind, and soul. What
would you find there. Probably a lot of the same goo that's
inside your own head right?

It's my sincere goal here, (since you don't know who I am!)
to let you into my mind, behind my eye's into my life, my
horror my pain, my happiness, and most importantly my
thoughts. Prepare to enter the mindscape, of course it may
not always be as interesting as "The cell."

Note: At times I may experiance critical errors in grammar,
spelling, phrasing, text struture, and sanity. Bare with it
or turn your interests elsewhere.
I've never been able to find myself, I think mostly because
I've never known what the hell to look for. I believe in
some form we're all looking for life, some way out of our
self built entrapments. I say "self built" I guess only in
regards to myself, since I've truly built all my own
bridges, and surely carelessly burned the fuckers down.

Insomnia: I have it, I hate it, but at 4:45 am on a
weeknight, there's something euphoric about it. Something
just slightly ethereal, surreal, it's nice. I blame it
directly on my substance abuse........

(I'm a guy, early 20's 148 lbs, brown hair)
**Taja will be my code name**

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