Zone of Misfortune
2001-12-02 06:51:03 (UTC)

Grab the wig...We're eatin' JIFFY!

welcome hardcore Fleming fans of all sex, creed, and oral
hygene. Oh,...,(akward pause)__oh hi martin...didn't hear
you come in...YOU RAT BASTARD SON OF A #[email protected]%$# $#[email protected] $#$#@@
eatin' #%#$#@ ^*%@# on the officer's $%^$# #%&&%%[email protected] while
$^#$#!$##[email protected]#% his wife's #$$%#$.

While the rest of the world had a nice peaceful, gassy
Saturday, i slept, ate, and stank. So, first objective,
get up, eat, and vacuum the FAMILY ROOM. HELL yeh

By the looks, this meager entry needs some beef
injections...of the literature kind. So, t0day's events
all culminated in the de-flowering act of WATCHIN' EVIL
DEAD 2- Death before Dawn. Now, this sequel to evil dead
one, which i heard is evil dead boring as all hell during a
hell contest on take hell to work day after an all you can
hell buffet, and the prequel to ARMY OF DARKNESS, i must
say, it was pretty entertaining and did some explaining,
since i had seen, praised, and loved ARMY o Dark..., which
i believe to be slightly better.

Of course, the main hero guy, who yields a shotgun,
chainsaw for a hand, and an uncanny ability to make just
about everything ranging from said chainsaw hand to
gunpowder and mechanical robotical limbs, wow i always get
off track with these huge ass sentences, that guy, the
hero, i had seen earlier as "the prince of thieves" on
Xena, the WARRIOR PRINCESS, a little show i used to watch
religiously, no kidding. The female character, ass
kicking, and my interest in the time period, justifies my
entry to her fan club and several pro Xena rallies at

Those, of course, were untrue lies (eyes darting back and
forth) that are ficticious. Yet, the kinkos comment brings
up a topic dear to my hand. the right one, which operates
the remote control to the TV that brings me SNL, a show so
obsessed with Kinkos it brings it up whenever possible, of
course my hand does that to other....

So, in closing, MAKE YOUR CHOICE, slow and CUMBERSOME, or
faster, and a lot more EFFICIENT! (courtesy of Alex
stachow from eight grade debate team from i believe an
argument concerning nuclear arsenals of nations)

the search continues surely as stachow seeks
bodily romance with a certain J. Marks, wait, that's little
to obvious; a certain Jess M, that's better, as surely as
that, i stilll search, have you, not as hartidly, but
maybe close for companionship...'twould be nice...

suddenly saddened, then happy at thought of MVP, most
valuave primate who plays hockey to save a town and restore
faith in kids, and then sad again...