The Subway Fantasia
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2001-12-02 05:43:15 (UTC)

!Viva La Revoluccion!

We are the guerilla group M.A.Y.O.(S.); Men Against Your
Organization (Subway). Che Guevara has been preaching to us
the gospel of communism, as we sit and smoke for ten
minutes during our break. It is now time for radical action!
We are now hiding out in the dense jungle of the walk in
refridgerator, amongst cambrios of tomatos and jalapenos.
No longer will we be subjegated by heartless sutomers with
a poor grasp of the english language, no more will we be
oppressed by managers for ing hours upon hours of
diswashing and customer service. Our hour has come, soon
our revolution will spread to Togos, Quiznos, and Blimpie!
Soon the laborer will control all the sandwiches in the
world! In the mighty words of Marx, "Sandwich Artists of
the World, Unite!"