Dear Brandy. . .
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2001-12-02 05:25:24 (UTC)

Dear Brandy . . . 12/2/01

I don't feel like talking about why this journal is
dedicated to my cousin Brandy at the moment. I am extremely
tired and I'm talking to my extremely stupid barely
tolerable older sister Clarissa. I swear that her life
revolves around sex and her little 7 month old daughter
Tiara. First of all what kind of name is Tiara? I mean a
name that means 'crown'. What was she thinking? I mean her
middle name of Faith is okay. But Tiara is just plain
hideous. I really hope that she never happens upon this
journal as she is cruising around online because she will
kill me. But yeah what are the odds? Like one in ten
billion? Yeah I thought so. . . so it won't hurt to take
It makes me mad when mothers try to do two things to
little kids. One they try to reason with a two year old
that when they get into a store they shouldn't scream and
cry for a toy that they want. Hello people!! They don't
understand that concept at that age. All that they know is
that they want something and they don't have it. Get it
now? They don't have . . . they want. Try to put yourself
in the shoes of a two year old. It's not that hard. Just be
the most selfish little bastard you can be. See. . . easy!
Want! Want! Want! Yes, I do realize that I'm bordering on
insanity. Alright number two. When mothers cry because
their babies are saying 'Dada' before 'Mama'. Okay listen
up. Babies immitate our speech patterns. They happen to
stumble upon 'dada' or 'mama' and they see you getting all
excited and say 'hey . . look at these stupid people
getting all worked up over some of my garbling, let me
reproduce the sound and continue to watch as these monkeys
go 'ooh' and 'aah' over me.' Yup that's what baby's think.
They have no idea that they are saying Mama or Dada when
they are that young. Gosh!!

Okay I'm going to sleep now. As you can tell my brain is
fried and I have tons of homework tomorrow.

Love you,

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