Forgotten Misery
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2001-12-02 05:05:06 (UTC)


Today was a good day got to hang with my boy zach and his
friend travis it was cool then I went and saw my baby Geoff
and lets just say we had some fun wink wink nudge nudge but
anyways I so hate paxil and im so getting of that stuff if
mom likes it or not lol. Damn I have glitter in my eye
grrr. U want to hear somthing very funny????? well if not
to bad im gona tell u anyways I actually drove the speed
limit all the way home to many cops out to risk it and the
fact my bud ashley hit a deer so now im afraid out of my
mind im going to hit one so i drive good only in night time
and (hella) fast (ha using geoffs word) lol during the day
time. k i have the muchies big time im out

can ya guess??
huh huh
um me ha what a hard one
wait what if u dont know who me is??
oh no u r just going to have to woder and wonder lol

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