Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-02 04:47:27 (UTC)

Good Times

Hey all! Ya life is goin absolutely great! As you probably
know from jewlz's diary, Zack came over last night, soo
much happened! He didnt leave until 1130(which I got in
troubel for) oh well it was soooo worthit. I would write
about exactly what we did, but there are some people who
would read it and get me in trouble. But ya it ended up in
us making out, and him asking me out! So now I'm going out
with him! And he came back over tonite and we hung out and
then tomorrow I'm going to meet his I like him
sooo much. But now jewlz is having some tough times. Now
that me and heath and mandy all kind of have guys, she
feels like she has no one left and that she cant do
anything about it. I'm trying to tell her that its okay and
she will find someone...YOU WILL JEWLZ! Things are great,
just remember that I love you and everyone
people send me feedback!

Luv yas!