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2001-12-02 04:26:26 (UTC)

What a connection...

alright, so i gotta catch up on a lot. school has kicked my
butt i havent had time to do a thing! so anyway, last wed
was the best! lisa set me up with her friend derrick...i
was so super nervous! i really hadnt been on a blind date
before..well when he came to pick me up i opened the door
and was like mmmm yeah! derrick is so adorable! so he came
in and he gave me a hug! i thought that was the sweetest!
well we went over to lisas and we all went out to eat.(me,
derrick, lisa and spencer) we had a great time at the
restaurant! well then we got a movie and went back to
lisas! since lisa and spencer took the couch me and derrick
opted to cuddle on the floor! what a good idea! we watching
the movie...when he kissed me...i melted! he didnt attack
me like some annoying guys do. it was so right! well when
the movie was over..derrick took me home and said hed call
me tomorrow! thurs was thanxgiving so i didnt see him! but
he did call! :) i worked friday...when i got home he called
me and we decided to go see a movie! when the movie was
over it was raining out...well we went and talked to a few
of his friends that were out camping. and then...well
then...(thats a secret..hehe) the next 45 mins were
awesome!! he took me home and told me he would come see me
at work sat! sat was such a busy day at work! i felt like
crap, it was almost time for me to go home when he came.
susan had called and wanted to go bowling so we all decided
to go! we rode with lisa and quinn came too. susan,
allison, and jessica were to meet us there. well when they
got there they were such bitches. they didnt even talk to
us. i felt like an idiot to even say these were my
friends...but i had fun anyway! right there with derrick!
he is just so precious. i stayed at lisas that night and
went to church with her in the morning. derrick was there!
we all went to eat afterwards and then he took me home. i
was sad! he was leaving for school. but it was such an
awesome weekend that i knew i could just hold on to these
thoughts of him. weve been talkin on the comp everyday now!
he is so sweet...he writes just to say that hes thinking of
me....there arent too many guys you can get to do that you
know!!!! i guess i should be thankin lisa huh! i really
have a good time with derrick..i didnt think of zane a
single time when we were together. that was so awesome!! i
really hope this is goin to be a good thing! we will see~
always, me

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