Dear Brandy. . .
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2001-12-02 04:18:34 (UTC)

Dear Brandy . . . 12/1/01

Hello! This is the first time that I've ever tried to
keep an online diary and like most people I find it hard to
keep up a regular one and find time to write in it.
Hopefully having an online one will help me remember to
write and not be lazy since I can type faster than I can
Having said that, I'm Starlighthoney, or Shannon to
most people that I know "offline". I'm sure you don't care
about what I look like but for anyone who may be reading
this and does care. . . I'm 16 years old. I have long brown
wavy hair and I have brown eyes. Typical isn't it? I'm
really short at 5'1" and I'm fairly petite (not that I
don't have my complaints... like every girl). I'm your
average teenager really. Nothing special, well I suppose
everyone is special in their own unique way. :)
I live in Warner Robins, Georgia, a town in the middle
of no where though it really isn't that bad once you get
used to the cows and all the sonic booms because of the
fact that there is an Air Force Base only about five miles
I have two sisters. One is older (a half-sister if you
want to be technical) and her name is Clarissa. I also have
a younger sister named Kimberly. My half sister is twenty
three years old and she has a sixth month old daughter
named Tiara Faith. Then there is my mom and my dad. My
dad's in the Air Force and my mom stays home. They are
pretty cool . . . well as cool as 40 something year old
people can be. Okay I admit that my mother and I are pretty
shakey at times and our relationship isn't the best of all
relationships. But I have never heard of a perfect
relationship between a mother and a daughter at this
age. . . so no worries on my part.
As for what I like to do in my spare time. Well . .. I
don't have a lot of spare time. To tell you the truth a lot
of my time is spent doing my homework. I always seem to
have copious amounts of that. I want to do good in school..
which I do and I suppose the sacrifice in that is that you
have to spend extra time on homework. When I don't have
homework I'm almost always talking to my best friend Tyler.
He's awesome. Heck, I don't need to talk about him now I'm
sure you'll hear much more about him later. I love to read,
I play piano, I'm a runner for my school's cross country
team, I mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and I'm in
Environmental Club. I really love the water and the ocean
and before I moved to the Heart of Georgia I lived in
Florida right by the ocean. It was really great so I love
all water sports really. Beach volleyball, jet skiing, but
sailing is the best. I think sailing is wonderful. I have
lot of sailing stories. :) Drawing is a recently found
talent of mine and I love to write stories, especially
fantasy stories.
Well now that I have introduced myself with my 'Intro
Entry', yes the boring thing that kinda precedes the good
stuff. Or I hope it will be good stuff. Hell I don't know
if you'll be interested, but I'll be writing soon. But
right now I'm on Thanksgiving Break! Yay! So I'm going back
to sleep. ;)
Much Love,