Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-02 04:14:45 (UTC)


Tonight was SOOO GREAT! Maggie, Emmily and I went to
Syracuse to see a show @ the Community Center so that I
could meet my personality twin, Melissa, and see this guy
I've been drooling over for like a year, Bob. So we get
lost on the way right-- so I hafta call Bob's dad and ask
him for directions.. it took a while but I finally spotted
it. Then we go in right-- and theres a buncha ppl standing
in the doorway complaining.. and I find out we werent
allowed in b/c of "fire codes" so we had to wait for a
bunch of people to leave. So we wait like 15 mins in the
corner as the girl informed us. lol. (we were naughty.. jk)
so FINALLY they let us in.. and we go in and stand near the
back b/c we knew no one!! and I thought I saw Melissa but I
wasnt sure it was her so I just kinda stood there looking..
Then I was like "girls we look like losers! so lets move
into the crowd" so we move and I'm like great! now I can
look for Bob too.. and what do u know!? Bob was the first
guy I looked at! haha.. and I all "AGGH! THERE HE IS!! OMG
OMG I CANT TALK TO HIM" so I look back up for a
sec......AND HE SAW ME! so he comes over and we start
talking.. then he goes to see Wiremouth play while I decide
to go talk to "Melissa" and it did end up being her :)
She's SO COOL! I just love that girl!! anyways.. Bob and I
and Melissa and I (and of course Maggs and Emm) hung out
through the night.. Here's the good part: we were all
standing there w/ Bob and this kid walks over and was like
looking at me funny so I waved and giggled.. lol.. and then
he and Bob talked for a min then he left. Bob goes "Dan
thinks ur hot" me "awwww thanks :)" him "you are" me "AWWW
THANKS! :)" *blush* lol.. it was great! yea.. but thats
about the best part of the night.. I was so glad to see
him! I hope I get my license soon so I can go see him.. I
would love to have an actual relationship w/ him.. He's so
great!! and So gorgeous!!! In the words of Maggie :

Dooser14: He's REALLY hot
Dooser14: I even told Dean of Bob's hottness
Dooser14: Dooser14: So, when we finally got in, we stood in
the back like losers until Bob noticed her and came over
Dooser14: Then, Emm and I were taken back by his hottness,
so all we did was stare at him.. I think he noticed

Dean=her boyfriend! hehe.. Well anyways.. thats my story..
I just love that boy! :) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my parents
for bringing me! I had a great time (even though Maggie and
Emm didnt have fun-- and that made me feel shitty but @
least I got to see Bob) anyways.. that was my night-- JUST