confessions and love letters
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2001-12-02 04:04:59 (UTC)

dec 01

well, today.
woke up 8:30
much too early, but it felt like sleeping in.
went to dads, moved furniture and cleaned up place for
fashion show model auditions.
watched hot girls strut their stuff, then rated them.
found all my models. julia&holly are maybe the cutest girls
ever. after the fun, jessamy stayed and we watched clerks
the animated series, (compliments of the beauty swimms)
jessamy went to mad caddies show and i sat around at my
house with my dad and brother, dad gave me an antique book,
a picture frame, morcheeba, and a the princess bride dvd
(our old copy got swiped, i will never forgive them) feeling
quite tired. dad drove me to mums, i went upstairs to sleep
and couldn't help but cry, i couldn't stop it was terrible,
i blamed it on the fact that i have my period. i think that
excuse is getting a little old. but the lump in my throat
kinda stayed, so i thought happy thoughts, but it didn't
help. i'd go more into it, but i'm lazy and tired. i wish i
lived in the film sixteen candles, the highlite of my day.
"i can't believe i gave my panties to a nerd"
(ps, i think it's my birthday)