*~shattered illusions*~

2001-03-31 10:33:02 (UTC)

30.3.01 Sometimes I feel like I..


Sometimes I feel like I talk to people and they don't respond
to what I am saying....they have their own agenda, tbeir own
word limit to meet and screw the fact that I am trying to be
heard as well..
People always say that I am a good listener, they come to me
for advice and I really listen to them...I do, im not
pretending to be prefect, but when someone talks I stop what
I am doing and hear them out. It seems like when I want to
talk there are more important things to do or say and I
always have to listen and be mute. I want someone to ask "how
are you?" and then wait for a reply before rushing into what
a terrible day they have had, or how much in love they
are...like even just once... It makes me angry...but like
always its whatever makes the majority happy.