Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2001-12-02 03:39:49 (UTC)

A state of depression: development

I've been checking some really good fanart lately, for
more inspiration...instead, I only got one of the saddest
feelings ever. I can't draw like that, I just can't, and I
feel crappy because of that.
I feel more lonely than ever...it's like all of them were
in a whole nother universe, distant from this one I'm in. I
can't believe it; I'm actually crying. I never ever cry! I
always thouht of me as too strong for that. But this kind
of things, concerning my ideal aspirations in life, get to
my real core...I usually snap out of it, only when I've
forgotten all about it; it could take hours, days, even
weeks, before getting on my tracks again. I can't draw a
thing now, I'm depressed.
Sorry if I put you down with this, I should've wroten
DON'T READ, as the title for this entry. I really on't care
if you read this, I just wanted to get it out of me. Either
write it or draw it, and I definitely won't draw it. Not

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