i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-12-02 01:57:32 (UTC)

this means a lot...so be nice.

todays topic...can i be in "love" with someone i dont
really know..i mean i have very strong feelings...and all
he knows is my name, what i look like, and that i like
him..my friends say he's not a good person to go out
with..but they dont understand how i feel..like when he
gets on the net i get this very very weird (but GREAT)
feeling..or like when i see him walking down the
hall..thinking to myself just what what to say to him..but
i never say hi..bc i dont want to mess up the moment of
seeing him..it really hurts to not to talk to the person
that you really like..and have liked for a few years..i
dont know what to do..should i take the chance and talk to
him and risk everything i ever wished for..or should i just
stay back and keep wishing?..i bet now your thinking im
obsessed..but im not..its just something i cant stop
thinking about..and if you know me.."love" isnt my best
thing..and no this isn't just a crush..bc crushes you like
the person for their looks...(mostly)..and your thinking
well since you've never talked to him how do you like him
for something else...well you know what?!? i dont
know!..its too weird to explain..and sometimes it
realllllllyyyy gets me mad when people tell me i am just
crushing..bc its more and they dont understand that! they
dont understand how i feel..and that i have felt this way
for awhile..and i dont care you can say whatever you
want..but im not going to change my mind..i mean..give me a
chance to prove to you its different..well i guess thats
all i wanted to say..i know some friends of mine will be
laughing at this whole entry..but if they laugh or bug me
than they arn't my friends..to close it all off THINK WHAT
YOU WANT!!!!!!!!

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