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2001-12-02 01:48:09 (UTC)

i have friends

today is saturday and i havent been writing in this for a
a while!! yesterday casey,jess, and mela came over and we
hung out and then we went to the rink everyone was there...
liek a lot of peopel we all wore these tight little tank
tops n shit haha we looked liek skanks!! anyway after that
we came bak to my house and we chilled.. casey called josh's
cell phone and all them people were having a party in the
cornfield and there was a whole bunch of people there so
casey, mela, adn jess decided to sneak out to walk down
there.... its pretty far but they did anyway they went out
my window in my computer room and casey broke the window box
haha!! about 1 and a half or 2 hours later they came back,
me and erica were liek half asleep and we all took pills
before so i was like feelin a little dizzy n weird and shit
so they told me that i was talking about how i was sweating
and i told melisanda to go away or suttin and in the morning
they told us about it and i had the weirdest clothes on and
i didnt go to sleep in them but they just ended up on me
ha... i thought it was pretty funny!! i kinda wish we went
cuz i think we missed a lot but oh well me and erica didn't
want to get in trouble so i guess its alrite that we didn't
leave cuz with my luck we probably would of.. im one of
those people where sometimes i get really good luck but
other times its really bad luck and other times its just
blahhh wlel we all talked about guys and shit and stuff but
i guess there havign worst guy problems then i am!! i should
be happy though i guess cuz guys suck!!

after that my parents left and we decided we wanted to go
driving so we were lookign ALL over the house for an extra
set of keys wwe found about 7 other keys none of them went
to either car.. we didnt want to ruin my moms brand new
lexus though so we tried to find keys to the rodeo but we
couldnt so we gave up on that and jeff came up! jess gave
him a makeover haha... i thought it was really funny!

then we heard dirtbieks and quads it was marc and joe and
rob and jutt and josh that whole crew, they werre looking
for food and they messed up the house and they went in the
hot tub then we came up with the idea of rob wearing my
thong on the way home... i dont know?? so uh dont ask

my parents got home and they were pissed mostly cuz the
house was messy and becuase they didnt want boys in the
house when they were gone anymore cuz of this alcohol
incident at laurens house so all the guys left except for
jeff becuase he wasnt with them. my mom yelled at me and
erica then we went and cleaned the house... we decided to go
for a walk so me,jess,casey, mela, erica, and jeff all went
for a walk up to jeffs house and we chilled in his car with
the music n shit since hes gettin his liscense in 5 days but
he couldnt go for a ride so we just sat there liek losers
but it was fun.. then we walked back to my house without
jeff and we all made fools of ourselves but it was pretty
funny we were walking all messed up and people were driving
by.. really hot people actually but we didnt care. then we
got back here and went on the computer for about an hour
then everyone left and i tlaked to my frineds online and
stuff and now right at this very moment im sitting here
typing so thats how we get to this moment... HI
JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI HI HI HI HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM

anyway.... im bored i want to do suttin tonite but i cant my
parents wont let me so i guess ill hafta do suttin tommaorw

well thats it